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"I feel sluggish, bloated, and struggle to lose weight. I am ready to re-boot my body & get healthy."

Where you are right now…

You are struggling to lose weight or are ready to kick-start a healthy eating lifestyle. You might have had a number of attempts of trying to lose weight over a period of years, with little or no success. It may even be that you haven’t got much to lose, but you just can’t seem to shift that last bit of stubborn fat, no matter what you do. It could even be that you just want to lose a few pounds quickly and safely to feel your best before jetting off on holiday.

What your issues tend to be…

You feel uncomfortable in your jeans.

You have a few lumps and bumps that you don't care for.

You feel tired all the time crave the sweet stuff.

You need to get back on track with healthy eating.

You want a safe but quick start to long term weight loss.

What you need help with right now...

You are looking to lose inches, particularly from around the stomach area. You are also wanting to Increase energy and stop food cravings especially sweet stuff. You are finally ready to understand how to eat for health and long term weight loss and break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, FOREVER!

The programme that will suit you best is: The Body Reboot 28 Day Programme

The Body Reboot 28 Day Programme is completely different to anything you might have tried before. Its main focus is on getting the body healthy for weight loss. Weight loss is not about calorie restriction nor is it about meal replacement. It is about what is going on inside the body.


If you’re struggling to lose weight, that is a symptom that something internally is imbalanced. The Body Reboot 28 Day Programme really focuses on getting you healthy and your hormones balanced and back into alignment, first. Once your body is healthy internally, weight loss will happen easily and naturally, like it has done for my client...

Clients that complete The Body Reboot 28 Day Programme change their view of eating for weight management. They understand how to eat and are able to continue long term with effective clean eating, very easily. They have more energy, better hormone balance and much less illness, lethargy or low moods.

Clients also feel energetic and motivated to add exercise into their lifestyles. Some clients include our exercise programme into their 28 days.

The programme includes:

• 28 days of step by step online coaching

• Recipe Book

• Daily motivational emails

• Monitoring guide to record - weight, body measurements & pictures

What It Costs:

Price: £47

To start your journey on the The Body Reboot 28 Day Programme © simply complete the form below and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

Our Bootcamps take place at Burgess Park in Camberwell and Norman Park in Bromley. To start your journey with any of our programmes simply book into our trial week by clicking the link below:

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