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Getting Started

"Fitness is my lifestyle... I chose to take care of my health forever"

Where you are right now…

You decided to take care of your health and fitness forever. Your focus is on looking after your well being and you understand that health and fitness is a long term lifestyle choice. Although you may want to lose weight and get toned you have made the decision to ditch the faddy diets and get consistent with your exercise regime.

What your issues tend to be…

You have probably joined a gym in the past and have been going on and off for years. You have tried various diets and ended up frustrated and disappointed that you cannot keep the consistency and discipline going. You need an exercise regime that is interesting and fun. You also need to be held accountable.

What you need help with right now...

You want to put a stop to the yo-yo cycle and choose to make health and fitness part of your lifestyle forever. You want to exercise consistently and eat healthy and balanced meals of your choice. You wish to exercise with friendly like minded women within a group setting and have fun.

The programme that will suit you best is: The FC 12 Month Sliver Programme

Clients in this programme are looking to make their health and fitness part of their lifestyle. By the end of the programme clients will feel fitter, stronger, more confident and more energetic.

What is included in the programme:

  • • Group Training Session - 2 or 3 sessions per week
  • • Nutrition Choices Plan Phase 1: 7-Day Meal Plan
  • • Lifestyle: Choices Health & Lifestyle eBook - £12

What it costs...

• £80 per month - Attending group sessions 3 times per week

• £57 per month - Attending group sessions 2 times per week

NOTE: This is our 12 month membership plan. Payment is by standing order on the 1st of every month.

Our Bootcamps take place at Burgess Park in Camberwell and Norman Park in Bromley. To start your journey with any of our programmes simply book into our trial week by clicking the link below:

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