Who I am and What I do

Hello, My name is Clara Mosha, owner of Fitness Choices and creator of The C.H.A.N.G.E.S Fitness Formula©.  We are London’s Fitness Camp for women guaranteeing 10lbs or more weight loss in as little as 30 days.


I work with busy working mums and professional women aged between 28 –50 years old, who need the right advice & support to lose weight and achieve defined toned bodies that will make them feel sexy, confident and good about themselves. 


They have tried solving this problem on their own using different solutions but often without success only to end up feeling frustrated.


What separates my service from other fitness professionals, gyms and fitness venues is that I have over 6 years experience working with over 100+ women and my own experience of completely turning my life around by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.  Also we are the only Fitness Camp in the area that offers a 30 day ‘results’ money back guarantee.


As a result of following C.H.A.N.G.E.S Fitness Formula© my clients will lose 10Ibs or more in 4 weeks, get back into their jeans or little black dress after years in the cupboard, feel stronger, more energetic with increased fitness allowing them to get on with their busy day.  Clients feel confident and happier.

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My Story


I have been training since my early 30’s and have been in the health and fitness industry as qualified fitness professional for over 6 years.


I was a very active teen, participating in tennis, swimming and athletics.  I was a busy mum in my 20’s but lead a very sedentary lifestyle.  As a result my weight increased year after year.  At the age of 30, having gone for a routine medical check up the doctor told me I had border line high blood pressure that could lead to health problems in the future.  I was more at risk because of my family history of high blood pressure, heart disease & Type 2 diabetes.  He also explained to me that if my blood pressure went any higher, I would definitely have to be on medication for the rest of my life!  I was mortified and begun to find ways to regulate my blood pressure.  This was the turning point in my life and the beginning of my health and fitness journey.


It was a steep learning curve for me, having to learn about nutrition and incorporating exercise into my life.  I was reluctant to join a gym as I was very body conscious and unfit.  I wasn’t willing to make a fool of myself!  So my fitness regime started with walking everywhere and doing exercise videos at home and at the same time introducing healthier ways of eating.  Eventually when I felt comfortable I joined a gym and started dabbling in using some of the cardio equipment and then attending the array of studio classes offered which I enjoyed that immensely.


Years later, after much encouragement from my class instructor I qualified as a Studio Instructor.  A couple years after that I qualified as a Personal Trainer. I begun training clients whilst working full time for a local Cancer Charity.


During this time I made changes to my training regime and started incorporating weight training into my weekly routine and really honed into changing my diet.  This completely transformed my body as I learned and experimented with strength training principles and nutritional methods.  I then competed in the Body Fitness category in my first regional bodybuilding competition for UKBFF federation.  To date I have competed in 4 Body building competitions as a Natural Figure Competitor and in 2012 placed 5th in Britain.


I have 100% belief and passion in the changes I had made and my life’s mission is to help as many women as possible change their lives.  My complete frustration of what fitness advice was been offered to women in gyms, by the media and other fitness professional such as quick fix diets, endless cardio etc led me to set up Fitness Choices.  


I am passionate about teaching women about the benefits of incorporating and balancing strength training, cardiovascular training and nutrition into their health and fitness, taking a holistic approach to their health that leads to long term sustainable results.  I am straight up and honest in my recommendations to clients as I know what works and what doesn’t. 



Career Highlights:


2012 – 5th place Masters Figure – BNBF British Grand Prix Finals
2012 – 1st place Masters Figure – BNBF Central Championships
2012 – Fitness Model - Miss Galaxy Universe Championships
2010 – Set up and created Fitness Choices
2009 – 3rd place Body Fitness – UKBFF London & SE Championships
2006 – Qualified Personal Trainer
2005 – Qualified Exercise to Music Instructor


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